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Surrealism is a literary and artistic movement founded by the French poet and critic Andre Breton. Breton published his Surrealist Manifesto in Paris in 1924 and held the view that the irrational is the best mode of perceiving and representing reality. Surrealism emphasized the role of the unconscious in creative activity and employed the psychic unconscious in a more orderly and more serious manner. It was a movement in painting, sculpture and literature. Surrealists stressed hallucination, psychotic utterance, automatic writing and free associations.

The influence, direct or indirect, of surrealist innovation can be found in many modern writers in prose and verse who have broken with conventional modes of artistic organization to experiment with free association, violated syntax, non-logical and non- chronological order, dreamlike and nightmarish sequences and juxtaposition of bizarre, shocking, or seemingly unrelated images.

Reference: Greener Journals